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VuDome Fully Auto Satelite Dome

VuDome AUTO Fully Automatic Dish

Proven quality & reliability. The VuDome AUTO is the next generation dome from King (formally King Controls). After the success of the VuDome Semi-Automatic over the last 3 years, they have designed the new VuDome AUTO exclusively for the New Zealand market.

The VuDome AUTO provides simple and fast automatic satellite acquisition thanks to its dedicated controller. Once installed, the dish can lock-on at a new location with an average lockon time of less than 60 seconds! Its so easy to use, simply turn on the controller, wait for the system to calibrate then press the scan button to automatically locate the Optus D1 Satellite.


Extensively tested throughout New Zealand
Internal control is simple to use and powered using the supplied 12V cigarette lead
Compact control box dimensions of just 130W x 95D X 30, it can be mounted with supplied Velcro strips.
System only requires a single co-axial cable connection between control box and dish.
Aerodynamic and water resistant dome protects dish.
Self levelling dish design ensures fast set up.
Ready to use! Just connect to your Satellite-Ready TV.

Supplied with

Coax cable
Roof cable entry cover
Internal Control box
12V cigarette lighter power supply
Setup guide
Installation manual



Vu Dome Satellite


the VuDome is a RV roof mounted satellite dish , enclosed in a water resistant aerodynamic dome housing , protecting it form the elements . The VuDome with its ingenious dynamic dish levelling , and remote control , enables you to enjoy tyour favourite tv shows within seconds of arrinving at your destination .
-ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT - designed to be mounted on the roof of your RV or caravan . 
- aerodynamic dome - protects your dish , and no need to fold it down before setting off .
- EASY TO SET UP - dynamic dish levelling allows the VuDome to be set on unlevel surfaces .
-SIMPLE OPERATION- set up the dish from the comfort of your vehicle with the remote control .
comes with 15 metre coaxial cable , and heavy duty lcd display  wireless remote control .
You simply set the elevation for your location , and turn the dish via the remote till you get a signal . 

decoder not included . 
dish size -370mm .
weight - 8.2 kg
lnb frequency 10750 

The new RSE Platinum Series TVs

The newly released 19" & 24" RSE Platinum Series TVs are the most complete all-in-one motor home TV on the market.

Absolutely everything you'll need is built-in to one tidy unit. The TV includes a- DVD player

- Freeview Satellite + Terrestrial receivers
- Personal video recorder (PVR)
- Media centre USB slot & camera card reader for photo slideshows etc
- Digital radio
- Card reader for SKY TV subscribers
- FM transmitter to send audio to the vehicle sterio

Power consumption and operating voltage are some important factors to consider when purchasing a TV. The RSE Platinum Series has been specifically engineered for the caravan, motorhome & boat market. Designed for 12V applications (rather than being a household TV re-wired for DC), its power consumption is amongst the lowest in the market. With the 19" model, the maximum power consumption is only 22W and it can cope with large input voltage fluctuations.

Only the best quality hardware has been used. The unique single layer circuit board is better equipped for vibration and shock than standard household TVs. The screen, made by Samsung is ‘fused’ and is more resistant to the vibrations found in mobile applications. The 24" TV screen is now Full HD. The high quality matt finish allows you to see the picture on a high 160 degree viewing angle (which is often the case in motorhomes, caravans and boats).

Simple to install, all this TV requires is a power supply, either 12V or 230V (both are included) and an antenna connection, either from a terrestrial antenna or any satellite dish. Best of all, as an owner of this TV you will be given a 2 year warranty plus a free phone 0800 number to call if you have any questions anywhere, anytime.


Star view micro


Starview 12V Freeview Receiver
The first for Freeview satellite receivers. The micro S1812 from Starview is so small you can install it behind a television or away in a cabinet so you don't see it. A great way of hiding cables it has a remote eye extension so you can easily control the receiver with the remote control.
Easy scan to find new channels, Plug and play operation, Factory default feature Built in satellite finder,Games, calendar & calculator,Proven digital technology
Smallest satellite receiver in NZ
Low pwer consumption Dimensions : 65x75x25

Satellite Recivers


The G3 Camper Freeview decoder is a perfect receiver for 12V aplications. It allows you to watch Free to Air TV in your caravan, motorhome or boat. With a signal finder on the front panel, it is specifically for easy alignment of your satellite dish.


Satellite Dishes

Winegard Overview

Winegard Roof Mounted Satellite Dish - G3 Model for Motorhomes and Caravans.





12 volt Mobile Satellite TV, Antennas and Dishes
for Motorhomes and Caravans

We have a complete selection of satellite receivers, portable dishes, self locating satellite antennas and

full in motion satellite antennas to give you perfect television reception wherever you are in New Zealand.


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