Bio Magic

Quick overview

A non-toxic, 100% biodegradable waste treatment for holding tanks and cassette toilets
Works by supplying large amounts of oxygen to the bacteria which eliminates smell and breaks down waste
Will liquefy toilet paper rapidly so blockages are greatly reduced
Suitable for fresh or salt water systems
Suitable for grey or black water tanks

100% biodegradable
Lightly fragranced
Safe on skin

Aqua Kem Blue Toilet Fluid

Quick Overview

Thetford Aqua Kem Blue provides powerful deodorant action, helps dissolve the waste and keeps the holding tank clean. Made under license in NZ and will not void your warranty. Ideal for your motorhome or caravan toilet.


Toilet Chemicals


Power Care Tabs

Highly-effective additive for cassette toilets and porta-pottis. Breaks down waste into liquid and prevents unpleasant odours.



Dometic Toilets


The vacuum is maintained in the system at all times. Before use, the water level in the bowl can be raised by simply lifting the flush lever. When the toilet is flushed the vacuum energy is released.

The bowl is instantly cleared to remove all waste and odours effectively. The waste is moved through the vacuum pipe at 2 meters/ sec. No chemicals are needed to break the waste down!




Aqua Soft Thetford Toilet Paper


Thetford Aqua Soft RV toilet paper is a super-soft, 2-ply paper specifically designed to dissolve quickly to help prevent clogging, malfunctions and damage to waste holding tank toilet systems.  Perfect for the use in RV's, Caravans and Boats.





•Specially-made for RV and marine sanitation systems
•Soft, snowy white and highly absorbent
Additional Information
•Each roll averages 270 sheets
•Approx 115 grams per roll
•Sheet size 10x12.5cm

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