Water Pumps

Accumulator Tank


Provides a smooth, surge free flow of water. May be used with most pump systems and may be mounted in any position. It has an internal pressurized diaphragm to provide a smooth, surge-free flow. It is precharged to 0.9 bars (13psi) but can be recharged if required.

Has 1/2 BSP thread and also adapters to 12mm hose barb.

The difference between just the pulsation dampener and the accumulaor/pulsation dampener is in the way they are made, therefore operate. The pulsation dampener just relies on the water compressing the standard air pressure within the unit - without a diaphragm. The accumulators have the air inside under pressure in the start up stage, so in effect this gives a longer time (more water flow) between stop and start of pump for the same sized unit.


Inline Pump Filter - Threaded


Designed for SHURfloClassic 2088 Series Pumps and 4000 Extreme Series Pumps, Threaded (retail pack).  All water pumps must be installed with a filter inline otherwise voids warranty.


Tip Toe MK4


Recommended for average performance requirements, where there is sufficient fitting space below. When finished, the plunger is held down and twisted to return to the locked position.

Materials: Acetol, Nylon, Polypropylene and Nitrile Rubber, Phosphor Bronze and Stainless Steel


Rocker Action Pump


Self Priming rocker action pump.

Additional Information
Mounting Hole: 51 mm
Length Below Mounting Surface:     87 mm
Height From Mounting Surface: 140 mm

Double Action Pump


Self Priming double action pump.

Additional Information
Mounting Hole: 33 mm
Length Below Mounting Surface:               220 mm
Height From Mounting Surface: 115 mm

SHURflo Classic RV 2088 Series Water Pump


These legendary pumps have set the standard for the RV industry.  SHUflos 2088 series pumps are equipped to deliver high performance and reliability every time they are used.  They operate on three independent pumping chambers which allow these pumps to self-prime and lift water up to 12 feet.  With smooth flow and non-interrupted operation, all the Classic Series Pumps include a built in check valve rated at 200 PSI to prevent back flow into the tank.  Each pump can run dry without causing damage.



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