Safety with LPG

When using LPG in your caravan it is for your own future enjoyment and safety that you should consider the following safe usage points.

You should only turn your LPG cylinder on when you are about to use a gas appliance, then when you have finished using the gas, turn the cylinder off again.

Your LPG cylinders should only be carried and stored either on the draw bar, suitable restrained, or in the LPG locker which is sealed off to the inside of your caravan. The reason for this requirement is that if the cylinder does develop a leak some where, it will not endanger you or your family or friends. Remember that a very small amount of LPG vapour can make a very serious situation to develop very quickly.

Have the gas installation in your caravan checked each year to ensure its gas tightness, this can be very easily done by a gas fitter using either a manometer or a bubble leakage detector. Remember if you are using your caravan frequently and towing it to many enjoyable rallys, as we try to do, the gas installation is being made to stand up to quite a harsh situation where by leakage can easily develop. A suspect area is where a copper tube is feed through a wall lining and is not protected by a grommet or plastic tube and chaffing of the copper tube can cause a hole to develop. This will allow LPG to escape into the interior of the caravan when ever the LPG cylinder valve is turned on, not a nice situation to be in.

The only type of gas appliance that should be used in a caravan is one that has its gas supplied via an LPG regulator. Do not use portable, high pressure LPG cookers or lanterns inside your caravan. These appliances are designed to be used in open air situations. When used in confined situations they have proved to be rather dangerous and have even been the cause of fires within caravans, with not very pleasant results. The connection between the cylinder and appliance on these portable appliances can easily be made unsafe simply by attempting to carry the lantern by the carry handle with the appliance going. The weight of the gas cylinder under the lantern could be enough to cause the gas seal to suddenly leak when suspended below the lantern when you try to carry it this way. As there is no pressure reducing regulator used by this type of appliance the amount of gas able to escape can be very large, very quickly and if it catches fire the valve is impossible to turn off because of the resulting fire around that point.

Please carefully consider these points and maybe alter the way you do things so that your enjoyment of your caravan maybe enhanced.