Atwood Protechtor LP Gas Detector 12 Volt


Atwood's Gas alarms provide protection from the dangers of harmful gas while keeping consumption of power to a minium.  The gas alarm measures the concentaration of LP gas in your vehicle, when this is exceeds 2000ppm, the dector will provoide a visual warning and a alarm will sound, ensuring that you and your motorhome, caravan or rv are protected.



•Power conservation mode to extend battery life
•ProTechTor is designed to provide protection over a very wide band of available power, from 8-14 volts.
•Alarms to LP concentrations in excess of 2,000 parts per million
•Temperature compensation insures detection of LP from -40 degrees to 149 degrees
•Advanced microprocessor provides both reliable sensitivity to dangerous gas and weeds out false alarms resulting from high humidity, hair spray, ammonia and alcohol-based cleaning solvents
•Easy to understand warning and alarm system tells the user about gas and power supply problems without the chance of confusion.
•AGA and CGA Certified, IAS (International Approval Services)
•Can be flush or surface mounted
Additional Information
Warranty 1 year