Atwood RV Water Heater 22L - Gas/230V


This large volume Atwood Water Heater is one of the best available.

It is safe and simple to use with the flick of a switch control.  As the tank is aluminium there is no need for a anode rod.



 •Aluminium alloy u-tube combustion chamber to conduct heat more quickly and reduce weight
•Atwood water heaters are engineered with an extended cold water inlet tube which prevents early mixing of cold and hot water. More hot water is available before the temperature drops off - up to 55% longer for 6 gallon models
•Heat exchanger option uses otherwise wasted heat in motorized untis to provide heat.
•Aluminium clad tank eliminates the necessity of an anode rod
•Storage tanks 100% pressure tested under water and are fully "fire-checked" before leaving plant
•Remote ignition
•Large 22L tank.

Additional Information

 Heat supply Gas/230V, remote ignition
Capacity 22L (6Gal)
Dimensions (mm) 406W x 450D x 317H
Warranty 1 year