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Solar Panel 85Watt 12V Crystalline

Suntech solar panel by the worlds no1 module manufacturer . The CP85 is an 85 watt, 12 volt solar panel to suit almost any power requirement.
The CP85 modules are composed of 36 crystalline silicon solar cells of similar performance, interconnected in series to obtain the 12 volt output.



A heavy-duty anodized aluminium frame provides strength and convenient mounting access. For each 18 cells series strings, one bypass diode is installed. Cells are laminated between high transmissivity, low-iron, 3mm tempered glass and sheet of tedlar-polyeaster-tedlar (TPT) material by two sheets of ethylene Vinyl acetate (EVA). This protects against moisture penetrating into the module.

Additional Information

Output 85 watt
Size (mm) 1195x541x30
Weight (Kg) 8
Pmax (W) 85
Vmp (V) 17.6
Imp (A) 4.83
Voc (V) 21.9
Isc (A) 5.14