The new RSE Platinum Series TVs

The newly released 19" & 24" RSE Platinum Series TVs are the most complete all-in-one motor home TV on the market.

Absolutely everything you'll need is built-in to one tidy unit. The TV includes a- DVD player

- Freeview Satellite + Terrestrial receivers
- Personal video recorder (PVR)
- Media centre USB slot & camera card reader for photo slideshows etc
- Digital radio
- Card reader for SKY TV subscribers
- FM transmitter to send audio to the vehicle sterio

Power consumption and operating voltage are some important factors to consider when purchasing a TV. The RSE Platinum Series has been specifically engineered for the caravan, motorhome & boat market. Designed for 12V applications (rather than being a household TV re-wired for DC), its power consumption is amongst the lowest in the market. With the 19" model, the maximum power consumption is only 22W and it can cope with large input voltage fluctuations.

Only the best quality hardware has been used. The unique single layer circuit board is better equipped for vibration and shock than standard household TVs. The screen, made by Samsung is ‘fused’ and is more resistant to the vibrations found in mobile applications. The 24" TV screen is now Full HD. The high quality matt finish allows you to see the picture on a high 160 degree viewing angle (which is often the case in motorhomes, caravans and boats).

Simple to install, all this TV requires is a power supply, either 12V or 230V (both are included) and an antenna connection, either from a terrestrial antenna or any satellite dish. Best of all, as an owner of this TV you will be given a 2 year warranty plus a free phone 0800 number to call if you have any questions anywhere, anytime.

 The RSE Platinum Series advantages and upgrades include:

- LED screen offering lower power consumption and thinner screen dimensions.
- Faster processor for increased response times and smoother running.
- Increased voltage fluctuation tolerance and more resistant to temperature variances
- Updated the PVR software making it easier than ever to access use the video recording function.
- Extra vibration protection; strengthened anodised frames, circuit boards with rivnuts to ensure no movement, cabling is tied and taped so there is no movement at connections and solder joints.
- Integration of satellite radio.
- Pre-loaded with Freeview, SKY and radio channels.
- Improved SKY operation.
- FM Transmitter
- Improved “customer care pack” which contains:
             Full laminated TV, Sky and radio channel lists
             Laminated instructions for PVR operation, playback and GMT clock set instructions
             Quick tips on remote and TV functions
             Correct advice on Sky card compatibility
             Quick change instructions for LNB operation
             Warranty card for customer’s to complete and return – this is to eliminate any product confusion
             The customer has our direct 0800 support to ensure any queries are sorted anywhere anytime

There are two versions of this TV. The most common model purchased allows the use of a SKY card however there is a model without this feature for 'non SKY' subscribers.