Waeco Battery Pack


The RAPS36 Battery Pack makes an ideal companion for the CF series Waeco fridges. As it is portable, you can take it with you to the campsite. It can be recharged from the cigarette ligher socket in your car so as long as you drive your vehicle every day or two you never have to think about battery power.                            

Product Description.

The Waeco RAPS 36 Battery Pack is the perfect remote fridge power solution. Designed specifically to power WAECO coolers and fridge/freezers, it gives you 36 amp hours of power from a deep-cycle battery which has superior discharge/charging cycle capacity. It has all the features of a dual battery system normally fitted into 4WD’s, trucks, boats etc, except that it is portable, so you can take it (and your fridge) away from your vehicle.

Battery Features:

Genuine deep cycle AGM battery cells
+ and - charging posts for easy connection to battery chargers
Cigarette and hella style sockets for charging battery / drawing power
The digital display indicates the exact voltage of the AGM batteries inside
Battery condition LED's/test button
Secure screw connection option for charging socket
High impact ABS plastic case
Convenient carry handle
1.5 m charging lead
Maximum charging voltage: 14.4A

The inside features genuine 36 Ah deep-cycle AGM battery cells, thick plates for reserve energy storing with high density active paste material and stronger acid than conventional car batteries. This allows for a longer life in deep-cycle applications, allowing you to run your fridge for longer without damaging the battery.

Additional Information.

Voltage 12
Terminal type Posts & Cigarette Lighter Sockets
Amp/hrs 36
Dimensions (mm) 227L x 230W x 245H
Weight 13.6
Warranty 1 year